Pick up / Document Delivery

Pick up & Document Delivery

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One concern many customers have when choosing to work with an outsourced records management company is how quickly can they receive delivery of their files when they are needed?

It is that lack of physical presence at their office that can put them into uncertainty about their decision.

Rest assured, the document delivery process we have in place at CRM for locating and retrieving your files as quickly as you need is paramount to us, after all it is the crux of our business.

We assign a unique barcode to every file, and carton which is then stored in our database.

We know that you have requested a file retrieval because you require that information in a timely manner for your business.

We offer on demand delivery services – next-day, same-day or urgent 2-hour turnaround so you have the information you need as quickly as possible.

CRM’s secure document delivery and collection vans are fully enclosed and climate controlled. When not attended, all vans are locked and all CRM drivers adhere to our strict Guidelines.

As standard, we provide two scheduled deliveries per day.

  • Orders received prior to 10:30am– Delivered that same afternoon.
  • Orders received prior to 3:30pm– Delivered the following morning.

Urgent delivery requests will be delivered within 60 minutes of receipt of request.