Records Management

Our Services Include

  • Secure Document Storage
  • Secure collection and delivery
  • Real time document tracking
  • Open file storage
  • Catalogued document storage
  • Indexing appraising and sentencing
  • Barcode scanning
  • Document scanning and digitisation
  • Scan on demand
  • Secure online access for clients
  • Record retrieval and on-site access
  • Scheduled and on demand destruction
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Records Management at CRM

At CRM, securing your records in a cost-effective manner is our core business.

Effective record management processes should be convenient and cost efficient with security and confidentiality as top priority.  At CRM, we make it our business to provide a Complete Information management System to your company.

During our consultation process, we will identify your document storage needs and provide you with a tailormade option that is cost effective without sacrificing security or convenience, you can rest assured your records remain secure and confidential in our care.

CRM’s Complete information management system takes care of your documents across their entire lifecycle, from creation through to destruction. Our complete information management system has been developed to reflect your needs, ensuring you get the most cost-effective storage without sacrificing security or convenience.

Experienced in complete information management, our services are delivered in line with your company’s obligations and internal management requirements. Whether you need document scanning from a variety of formats or secure document shredding, CRM’s customised services include real time document tracking and secure online access 24/7.

As the world evolves data security and confidentiality concerns grow, companies are increasingly outsourcing their record management needs to ensure data integrity. At CRM we are dedicated to making this process effortless, the CRM Complete Information Management system encompasses storage and digitisation through to retrieval and destruction, you can even order cartons and barcodes from your account.